Tensley Consulting provides the following technical services to our customers:

Signals Processing/Data Acquisition

Our team has extensive knowledge and understanding of the myriad of packet and circuit protocols, signaling types, and processing methods. We understand both legacy and next generation telecommunications protocols and techniques. We also provide 24/7 operational support to numerous operational mission centers.

Software Engineering

Our team has vast knowledge of the latest software engineering languages, methods and practices. Our software experts are fluent in Java, C++, C#, C, Python, as well as a multitude of other languages. We specialize in agile software architecture and development, utilizing the latest practices including micro services, service-based and service oriented architecture, reverse engineering, legacy support and modernization, and enterprise-level applications.

Systems Engineering

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of telecommunications networks, systems, and sub-systems. Our expertise includes system design, integration, and operational support of national intelligence networks and systems. As mission experts, our team members use their experience to anticipate and solve the real world, complex problems facing our customers on a daily basis.

Field Engineering

Our Field Engineering team excels in signal processing, computer servicing, communications systems maintenance, as well as radio frequency theory and application. Our team provides unprecedented service and maintenance of antenna and wireless solutions, satellite, ground-based and mobile communication systems that interconnect customers throughout a global network. Additionally, our skilled engineers are able to manage projects from planning and design through implementation, testing and reporting ensuring the mission’s success based on objectives set by program stakeholders.


Our exceptional team of Test Engineers test, deploy, and maintain operation systems. They provide our customers with a unique operational perspective by conducting requirements analysis, reviews, informal and formal testing. They identify and resolve issues using proven testing practices, resulting in a well-formed product ready for release.

CND Testing

Our team supports computer network defense (CND); law enforcement (LE), and counterintelligence (CI) operations and activities; quality assurance; and network administration. We virtually test software on numerous system configurations, and take snapshots throughout the process in order to observe the behavior and effects of malware without endangering the network.


Tensley’s training experts are dedicated to meeting our customer’s needs by spanning across multiple environments including classroom, e-learning, distance learning, and one-on-one training. This allows for operational environments to remain functional while our instructors provide excellent direction on tools or systems at hand. Tensley’s instructors, who posses decades of experience, can create, implement and certify personnel including customers and those that support the customer. Our instructors are fluent with customer-based requirements including CNO, RF and other collection needs. Our team also specializes in tight deadlines, travel and sudden requirements directly from the customer.

"I feel I can talk to any of the company management at anytime... This is a big improvement over the 'big' company atmosphere I was used to."
Employee Testimonial